Welcome to Real Industries

Every since we embarked on our quest for quality, we havepursued a single-point agenda for our valuable customers and that is to notstop delivering the difference. For us, it’s this cause without the pause that haspropelled us to the new heights of product innovation, customer satisfactionand market recognition.

With a mission to make every product a special one, wecontinue to move ahead of the time with better bath solution under the brandname URBEN. The name today has become synonymous with superior style, sturdier substanceand signature sophistication. All this happens due to our commitment to givetotal value of our customer’s money and our unwavering vision of future.

URBEN range of bath ensembles are the most contemporary iconof URBAN lifestyle that suites today’s style conscious consumers and meet theirdemands halfway. With a robust style for R&D Design, Production, and Deliveryin place, we at URBEN cater to ever increasing market segment for best in classbathroom accessories.


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Quality Control

Our bathroom accessories are the symbol of quality and efficiency. Stainless steel products are in compliance with the national and international quality standards, thus are highly valued in the quality cautions market.

Quality Control Management :

Quality is an important factor in Feature Advantage Benefit Interiors. With the high market competition, quality has become the market differentiation for Us.

Material Control :

Our production team continuous improvements are done in quality functions in the company. For this, there is a dedicated quality assurance team commissioned.

Final Inspection before Delivery :

We always aim to give zero defect products to our customers. Every products is certified after final inspection and packaging for its conformance against specified international standards or customer specific requirements. We always believe in continuos improvement in our products keeping in view of customer's requirement..