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Product Details

  • Product Code OL-509
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

A wide variety of soap dishes are available in the market, each with different sets of colors, materials, designs, and finishes. Soap dishes are mostly made in single or double dish forms to hence their utility. Buyers can choose to purchase according to their needs because it is an accessory that becomes a part of daily life. Materials like ceramics, granite, silicon, plastic, and marble are also used for making soap dishes, but they do not offer the ruggedness of stainless steel soap dishes. OLWIN Double Soap Dish is made using the highest quality stainless steel, which can last for yours before you decide to get a new one. 

Soap dishes made of metal are always better.

Top-quality soap dishes manufactured using stainless steel look and feel much premium than other materials. Stainless steel fixtures have a neat and contemporary look and provide easy cleaning. OLWIN Double Soap Dish gets a protective Chrome finish on the outside to prevent staining or corrosion. The shiny exteriors will remain new for many years to come without any maintenance. The only thing is to soap dry after usage to avoid deposits at the bottom.

Keep away from soap dishes made with breakable materials.

OLWIN Double Soap Dish is made of the best quality stainless steel, while some of the premium products in this category are made of top-grade granite, marble, and sometimes ceramics making them highly fragile. These kinds of materials are suitable for sinks and washbasins. OLWIN Double Soap Dish features elegant styling and is perfect for all types of interior designs. The double soap this design adds to its convenience, which increases the value proposition. OLWIN Double Soap Dish is known as the best quality stainless steel fixture currently available in the market.