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Product Details

  • Product Code OL-507
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Frequent hand washing is the key to ensure healthy and hygienic living practices. Clean hands protect from harmful viruses and germs and keep a check on cross-contamination. OLWIN Liquid Dispenser is an essential piece of accessory that is needed regularly in every household.

Prevention of harmful diseases

The primary purpose of frequent cleaning of hands is to avoid cross-contamination; the top 10 pencils became popular as they were effective in reducing physical contact. Soap dispensers via very minimal touch and hence prove to be effective in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. OLWIN Liquid Dispenser is suitable for public places like restaurants, offices, and restrooms. It requires a very gentle push, and the quantity of liquid soap can be adjusted as per the need. OLWIN Liquid Dispenser does not need any kind of maintenance and will continue to serve for years.

Premium quality product

OLWIN Liquid Dispenser is one of the most trusted liquid soap dispensers currently available in the market. The minimalist design offers great functionality and flexibility at the same time. The contemporary design of the OLWIN Liquid Dispenser makes it suitable for eating areas, bathrooms, restrooms, etc. 

Dynamic application

If you have growing children in your home, then the OLWIN Liquid Dispenser is a must-have accessory for ensuring your children's hygiene. Liquid soap dispensers are very convenient and hygienic as the soap does not get contaminated by harmful germs. OLWIN Liquid Dispenser is particularly suited for commercial places where a number of people use it to clean their hands.