urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code RU-602
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Can you live a modern, healthy life without those little bathroom conveniences like napkin rings? Found everywhere in residences and businesses like spas and salons, working quietly without a fuss. Yet, they need to be sturdy and made of non-corrosive materials in order to stand the test of time in wet conditions. Dryness and humidity will make no difference to the super quality stainless steel construction. 


Cloth napkins are better, rather than paper.

While paper and plastics harm the ecosystem, the cloth is better and nature-friendly. Rather than the paper that destroys trees, the cloth is grown in the fields as cotton crops. Bathroom napkin holders that are found all over the town in a thousand establishments constantly remind of the risky future of the earth planet.


Washrooms, toilets in offices and hotels need plenty of them. 


Napkin rings accessories Rajkot, built to last, designed for rugged performance, deserve an important place everywhere. They ensure healthy, hygienic practices. Bathroom equipment should not be shared. Personal gear should be kept separate. Perhaps separate Napkin rings accessories would be required for the different members. Just like towels, maintain them individually. 


Choose the right locations for the bathroom napkin holder.

Napkin rings should be installed on the wall with screws or adhesive tape within reach of all, even the kids. They should not be at a great height. Further, it should be a clean and dry place, away from moisture. Wetness will result in mold and germs. Washing and changing the napkins should be done regularly for good health. Get the best quality Napkin rings for healthier bathrooms.