urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code OL-502
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Keeping the bathroom space well organized is necessary to ensure all the amenities can be used seamlessly. Everyone hopes to design the bathroom in a way so that all the items available within easy reach during rush hours. OLWIN Napkin Ring is made using the highest quality of steel then gets an anti-rust chrome finish for a long life. It is suitable for hanging all kinds of towels, napkins, etc. The minimalist design of the OLWIN Napkin Ring makes it ideal for washbasins, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Placement of the napkin ring

The hanging place for the OLWIN Napkin Ring should always be a completely dry place away from bathtubs and showers. If seated around a sink or a washbasin, it must be fitted, keeping an adequate distance from the taps. The compact form of this napkin ring makes it suitable for all kinds of pieces. Another important thing is to ensure that OLWIN Napkin Ring is fixed at an appropriate height so that it can be reached easily and also the towel napkin is not touching the floor. 

A well-organized bathroom is a key element of the good life.

It is always recommended to keep the ambiance energizing and reviving for an excellent start to a day. Picking the right accessories is very important to give to make bathroom space more usable. OLWIN Napkin Ring adds utility and beauty to a modern bathroom with its elegant and simple design. There is a huge collection of exquisite designs to choose from depending upon your liking. OLWIN Napkin Ring is the most value for money products currently available in the market.