urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code PE-202
  • Material AISI 202 Stainless Steel

After the large bathroom appliances are in place, shop around for the little things like napkin rings that have due importance too. It is a small object, just like a jewel since it does not have to do heavy work. Yet, it is sturdy enough to carry weight like 800 grams. You get the bathroom napkin holder made in several diameter ranges, according to personal requirements. Which diameter do you need and how many of the napkin rings? Prepare the list and work on the right locations by sketching the plan. Construction or renovations, bathrooms certainly need them. 

Steel versions of napkin rings are most effective

Plastic products are weak and ceramics are brittle. Classic steel serves the purpose best with the finest quality and exquisite design. Since they are light, fixing to the wall with screws or self-adhesive tape will work. Choose the right dry locations away from water and find the right spots that remain clean and free from germs. Pretty pleasant-smelling bathrooms with matching color schemes uplift moods and raise productivity in homes and offices. Every little part matters and Napkin rings accessories will serve different purposes well. 

You need Napkin rings accessories Rajkot everywhere!

Imagine large healthcare and hospitality facilities with hundreds of rooms. Consider a large number of salons and spas scattered throughout the city. Each restroom will need Napkin rings accessories. Exposed to wet and damp environments, the non-corrosive steel will perform very well over the years. Rather than using disposable paper all the time, don’t you think cloth napkins are better and save the trees?