urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code LY-105
  • Material AISI 202 Stainless Steel

Bathroom robe hooks are absolutely necessary! Where will you place the stale and fresh robes when you shower? The robe hook must be strong enough to carry the weight of the robe. Metals like steel and brass are the best, sturdy and durable. In a designer world, many attractive designs of robe hook accessories are available. Choose them according to the bathroom décor. Let them match the colour scheme and create a serene environment. 

Where will the bathroom robe hooks be located? 

The hanging spot for the robe should be in a dry place, away from the shower and bathtub. The back of the bathroom door is a common location for the robe hook, very convenient too. Depending upon the available space, put the hook on the wall close to the door. Further, ensure that the robe will not reach the wet floor. The robe hook should be easily reached by everybody. Kids may need separate robe hooks. 

Traditionally, screws will be used for fixing or self-adhesive. Avoid congestion and arrange for good lighting and ample ventilation. 

Fancy styles and materials of bathroom robe hook Rajkot

Along with utility, many wish for the fun and decorative element in daily life. Choose from an excellent selection where decisions are hard to make. Chrome or powder coated, wood creations, plastics or alloys – the vast range offers numerous choices. 

A well-planned bathroom for a good life

Just like the living room, the bathroom requires a long list of things, and the little accessories have due importance. Create a vibrant bathroom interior that attracts and revives, fragrant and energizing. Make powerful beginnings to challenging days. Choose the right accessories.