urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code OP-405
  • Material AISI 202 Stainless Steel

When you are taking a bath there has to be a hanger to hold your clothes. The robe hook is the perfect way to hang the clothes. This device is mounted on the wall and can hold your towel and clothes. The hook is held by double rods. There is a facility to hang clothes on both sides of the hook. As the hook is installed on the wall, it can tolerate more weight. There are no signs of the screws as it is concealed fastening. The quality steel raw material used gives the best quality to the product. It is not corrosive and is rustproof. It can come for a lifetime if maintained well. 

It Tolerates Weight

When we're in the bathroom, it is difficult to call someone to hold your clothes. This robe hook can hold a few kilograms of weight, and thus it can hold all your clothes while taking a bath. The smoothed edges of the robe holder do not damage the robes at any circumstance. Mild soap and a damp cloth are enough to clean the surface of the robe hook. Do not use harsh chemicals that may damage the surface of the robe hooks. 

Edges Are Not Sharp

The robe hook has to be installed away from the shower as water shouldn't splash on the robes. It has to be handy also to take the clothes after the shower. The hooks are not sharp and help in just sliding the clothes from the hook. The holder's edges are rounded to make sure that the robes are not damaged while using the robe hook accessories. Two hooks are provided on either side to hang the clothes.