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Product Details

  • Product Code EL-705
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

ELICA Robe Hook is the essential bathroom accessories in modern homes. Robe hooks the most convenient way of storing bathroom goods without getting them dirty or wet while taking a shower. You must always look to buy good quality sturdy rob hooks that can easily take the weight of the bathroom robe without breaking off. Stainless steel fixtures like the ELICA Robe Hook last longer with any corrosion or fading. The buyers also get to choose from a wide range of products depending on the interior decor of the bathroom. The mirror-like finish on stainless steel products compliments all types of surroundings and gives it a premium touch. 

Attaching the bathroom robe hooks in the right place

The spot for hanging the ELICA Robe Hook must always be clean and dry away from bathtubs or showers. The selection of the place should be made according to the size of the bathroom. ELICA Robe Hook is mostly attached to the back of the bathroom doors for easy accessibility. The height of the connecting hook should be such so that the robe doesn't touch the wet floor. 

Why do we need a well-organized bathroom?

ELICA Robe Hook is an excellent piece of bathroom accessories that can be used for decorating the space as well as for utility purposes. Just as we keep every other corner of our house clean and clutter-free, the bathroom should also be kept well organized with proper accessories to facilitate hassle-free use.