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Product Details

  • Product Code No-303
  • Material AISI 202 Stainless Steel

Some self-draining dishes are two-piece units, with an upper drainage plate and a lower chamber that catches the liquid. The goal of these styles is to give soap ample space to air dry, instead of wallowing in moist dish that can attract debris or bacteria.


Popular materials


Plastic or silicone


Plastic or silicone dishes are affordable and simple. They're not always the prettiest bathroom accessories, but their durability and ease of cleaning appeals to many.




Metal dishes, which are mostly stainless steel, have a contemporary look. It's common to see them in wire or grate styles, though these are rather challenging to clean. Some self-draining dishes feature stainless steel drainage plates over a plastic, wood, or ceramic chamber.




Wood soap dishes are a popular choice for bathrooms with all-natural accessories or earthy themes. Many styles are handcrafted or are made from recycled wood. Premium wood dishes are our recommendation, as inexpensive ones tend to use very porous woods that absorb water and attract mold.


Premium materials


Decorative soap dishes are made from ceramic, granite, or marble. They tend to be more attractive than functional, but nonetheless, they serve the same purpose. Since these materials are more delicate than others, it's best to use them around sinks than in showers or bathtubs.




Simple soap dishes made from plastic cost less than $10, but if you're looking for stainless steel or handcrafted wood, expect to spend closer to $20. Decorative soap dishes from luxury home goods designers usually cost $30 and above.