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Product Details

  • Product Code No-310
  • Material AISI 202 Stainless Steel

Nova soap dish with toothbrush holder made of stainless steel. It has anti-rust and corrosion resistance quality. Raw materials used to make this product is of high-quality stainless steel. One side a soap holder is there and to the other hand a cup to keep the toothbrush. It can be installed near the washbasin for easy usage of toothbrushes and soap. There are holes in the soap dish to drain the extra water from the soap. The soap dish with a toothbrush holder is given a smooth finish and suits any décor in the bathroom.

Shiny Finish

Soapdish with a toothbrush holder has a shiny finish. This finish can be retained by proper maintenance. A soft damp cloth is enough to take out the fingerprints or any other marks on the surface. No harsh chemicals should be used to clean as it may permanently damage the surface of the product. Screws and wall plugs are used to install the soap dish with toothbrush holders.

Price Is Worth

This product is suitable for moisture-prone areas like the bathroom. The soap dish with a toothbrush holder does not corrode due to moisture. Its sturdy design lasts for a lifetime. Its long-lasting shine and strength are worth the price it is given. It can hold a big soap bar and a few toothbrushes. One family of four can keep their toothbrushes in the same cup. It is the best way to store the daily use essentials. It is a décor to the interiors of the bathroom.