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Product Details

  • Product Code EL-710
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Soap dishes with toothbrush tumblers are undoubtedly the most useful bathroom accessory the people like to include in their modern homes. ELICA Soap Dish with Toothbrush Tumbler features a unique design combining a toothbrush tumbler and soap holder into one piece of the fixture. Toothpaste, toothbrush, and toothpaste soaps the first things needed in the morning Rush hour. ELICA Soap Dish with Toothbrush Tumbler jobs in keeping everything organized and within easy reach for added convenience. Compact dimensions with minimalistic design help in managing the clutter without taking up much of the precious space.

Best quality toothbrush tumbler with Soapdish

It is necessary to keep all the essential items in the bathroom adequately organized within easy reach to save a bit of time during rush hours. Keeping all the essentials handy with the help of ELICA Soap Dish with Toothbrush Tumbler provides well-organized surroundings. Typically ELICA Soap Dish with Toothbrush Tumbler is mounted on the wall with a wall next to the washbasin; one can also choose to use temporary ways of fixing the holder to the wall for easy replacement. Commercial places mostly use temporary means of adjusting the soap dishes to facilitate frequent change of location. 

Get the best quality toothbrush holder with a soap dish.

ELICA Soap Dish with Toothbrush Tumbler is a reliable and sturdy bathroom fixture crafted from the highest quality stainless steel. If you are searching for a long-lasting toothbrush tumbler with soap dish, then the ELICA Soap Dish with Toothbrush Tumbler is just the right choice for you.