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Product Details

  • Product Code EL-704
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Everyone loves to keep their homes adequately organized, and it is also necessary for finding all the essentials quickly, especially during the morning rush hours. You will be able to keep your washroom free from any kind of mess with the help of ELICA Toothbrush Tumbler. All the essential items like toothbrush and toothpaste are the first thing that we need in the morning. The contemporary design makes the ELICA Toothbrush Tumbler a perfect modern storage solution. It will help you in keeping on your essentials properly organized and within easy reach.

Top-quality material with the best design

ELICA Toothbrush Tumbler is crafted out of the highest stainless steel with mirror-like chrome finish to protect against blemishes and corrosion. Toothbrush tumblers made from materials like wood, silicone, or plastic and other types of synthetic materials but available at a much lower price because they lack the robustness and premium finish of steel fixtures. Just a gentle wipe with the soft cloth and the ELICA Toothbrush Tumbler continue to remain like new for years.

Get the best quality stainless steel toothbrush tumbler at an affordable price.

ELICA Toothbrush Tumbler is an extremely well-built product and a perfect piece of accessory for modern bathrooms. Compact form factor coupled with elegant styling looks premium and provides adequate storage space for essentials. If you are looking to give yourself the perfect start every morning without digging through a clutter of things, ELICA Toothbrush Tumbler is the best-suited bathroom accessory. The best part is that contemporary designs suit all sorts of interior decor.