urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code No-304
  • Material AISI 202 Stainless Steel

Toothbrush tumbler is the first accessory used as soon as you get up early in the morning. There are wall-mounted and a simple bathroom toothbrush tumbler. Usually, customers look for the mug to match their bathroom d├ęcor. We have a glamorous finish and nautical themes on the cup to fit your style. Tumbler does not have any dividers but is a single container. There has to be a container to keep certain things used only in the bathroom. Toothbrush tumbler accessories Rajkot has a wide variety of options available. There are different materials in which this tumbler is made up. 

  • Chrome plated

  • Stainless steel

  • Glass

  • Brass

  • Powder-coated steel

  • Anodized aluminium

  • Plastic

  • Ceramic

The bathroom looks more organized when we use particular accessories. A stylish look comes to the bathroom with our decorative material tumblers. Sleek and heavy glasses give unique and classy get-up. Metallic holders provide a luxurious look near the sink. 

Tumbler Designs

Toothbrush tumbler accessories Rajkot are having an option for hanging on the wall. The tumbler does not occupy space but uses a part of the bathroom wall. Our plastic and glass toothbrush tumbler accessories look attractive due to their beautiful colours. We have numerous styles, finishes, designs, and material tumblers to match the customer`s taste. Some of them have handles, and some are very plain. 

Toothbrush holder Rajkot also serves the same purpose of holding toothbrushes. Here the holder has many designs to keep the toothbrush vertically straight. Holders also come in many materials and shapes. We make holders in different substances with attractive designs.