urben bath accessories-rajkot

Product Details

  • Product Code RU-601
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Comparing brass, wrought iron, and chrome, a stainless steel Towel Rod or Towel Rack Holder is still the best option. Exposed to moist and humid conditions almost always, the non-corrosive steel will not lose its shine. Besides, it is very sturdy and designed superbly to attract attention. 


Maybe you need both the Towel Rack Holder and Towel Rod?


While the rack holds several towels, some people may prefer to have an individual Towel Rod. When it comes to items of personal use as the towel, avoid sharing for the sake of healthy, hygienic practices. Take good care of your private corner and keep everything neat and tidy, appropriately washed and clean. Several such rods may be needed to accommodate the wishes of the different family or office members. A rack would easily store several towels together. Buy a Towel Rack or Towel Rod Rajkot or both and never regret it. 


Aim for a cozy, well-organized bathroom ambiance


In recent times, Towel Rod accessories and the kitchen interiors have acquired great significance. Everything is based on utility and longevity. Indeed, some synthetics are also durable, attractive, and cheap, but metals are stronger. You certainly feel more confident with the strength of tried and tested steel. It will undoubtedly last for decades in that same pristine condition. 


Choose an appropriate wall elevation. 


Towel Rod accessories should be securely wall-mounted for an organized and systematic bathroom. It should be a clean and dry place away from taps and showers. However, it should be within reach of those who will use it on a daily basis.