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Product Details

  • Product Code OL-501
  • Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Towel rods are one of the essential bathroom accessories that are used regularly. Like most other stainless steel items in a bathroom, OLWIN Towel Rod also enhances the space's aesthetics and usability. There is a huge selection of sizes and finishes to choose from. 

Single Rod Towel Holder

People usually look for matching colors and finishes for bathroom fixtures OLWIN Towel Rod is a perfect piece for those looking to purchase high-quality stainless steel fixtures for their homes. These towel rods also look beautiful when fitted besides installations having different material, color, and finish. OLWIN Towel Rod is made using the best quality stainless steel finished in chrome, giving it a unique shine for years. The simple design makes it easy for cleaning; a gentle love with a soft cloth is enough to bring back the shine. 

Add more storage to your bathroom.

The single rod towel rack is suitable for storing multiple tables at the same time. When mounting the rack on the wall, the location must be appropriately selected to facilitate easy reach. Towel racks must always be mounted at a suitable height so everyone in the family can easily use it. OLWIN Towel Rod is the perfect product for someone looking to buy superior quality products with elegant styling.

Portable yet convenient

It is a portable accessory that can be fitted in any size of the bathroom without much hassle. The fitting procedure is also very easy, and someone with essential utility tools will be able to put the towel rod in place. The contemporary form factor of OLWIN Towel Rod is what modern living spaces need for efficient storage. OLWIN Towel Rod is undoubtedly the best tool to make your bathroom organized and add a better ambiance altogether.